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Rachel's Veterinary Sympathy Cards

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Please fill out the order form to the left, selecting either a single design pack, or a multipack, and then specify the card design(s) required in the box below. All our designs can be found in the Card Gallery.

I will then email back with payment details, which is gratefully received through either bank transfer or cheque.



Personalisation Option: £10 extra


Personalisation is available only in packs of 100+, of either mixed or single designs. Please send the order via the form to the left, and include any details that you wish to be printed onto the reverse of the cards (practice name, details, website etc), and transfer any logos via email to [email protected]


Thank you very much for your order!!




Postage and Delivery:

£3.99 for orders up to 100 cards

£6.99 for orders over 100 cards  


Some card orders can take up to 14 days to deliver, due to print company restrictions. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Prices can change due to print company price increases.

Please contact if you wish to discuss wholesale orders


Pack sizes (exc VAT):


4 Pack       -   £3.50         (Single design or multipack)

12 Pack      -   £9.95       (Single design or multipack)

25 Pack     -   £20.95       (Single design or multipack)

50 Pack     -   £40.95       (Single design or multipack)

100 Pack  -   £80.95       (Single design or multipack)

200 Pack   -   £149.95     (Single design or multipack)


100 Pack  -   £84.95   (Personalised to your practice)

200 Pack   -   £159.95 (Personalised to your practice)


Larger packs are available, please let me know what you require

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Thank you for your order!


If you are pleased with our cards or would like to leave some feedback, please leave a review on our Facebook Page, or drop me an email!

Thanks again!

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