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Rachel's Veterinary Sympathy Cards

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I have worked as a Veterinary receptionist for over 6 years, and originally started producing Sympathy Cards for our practice in Southport. We received such good feedback that I branched out, and developed a growing range of quality Sympathy Cards appropriate for all practices.

All my designs are specially created for use on sympathy cards, and combine peaceful colours with appropirate imagery. The cards can also be personalised to your practice, with logos and details on the reverse of the card. This enables your practice to send out highly personalised, and very meaningful sympathy cards to bereaved clients.


About me!

This October we exhibited at our first Congress, the BVNA 2015! We had a brilliant weekend, meeting lots of interesting people. We also received a lot of positive feedback on our cards, and sold a fair few packs! It gave us a great chance to show all our designs, and to chat to a variety of nurses and vets to hear their suggestions and ideas for our cards. Since then we have employed many of those ideas, such as seasonal cards, more breeds of dogs, and a greater variety of horses. We would still love to hear any more comments; please click here and let us know your thoughts!

Starting out at the BVNA 2015!

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We believe that every animal should be shown respect and defference, and their owners the same. The bright colours and gentle imagery of our Sympathy cards are designed to help practices to show how much they care when a beloved pet has passed away, and to support their owners.


Every card is printed onto high quality, sustainable Forestry Stewardship Certified paper. Our cards are produced to high environmental standards, and reflect our company ethics of sustainability and a low carbon-footprint.


The pulp card used also has the extra quality of being

non-smudge, preventing those frustrating moments in a busy practice when a card is spoilt by a sudden movement. The pulp card absorbs the ink quickly, and makes for efficient practice use.


Cards ordered in packs of 100+ can be personalised to your practice, for an extra £10 (simply to cover the print costs)! Every sympathy card can be printed on the reverse with your practice, name, logo , website details, or a small message, helping to make each card seem a little more personal.





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For more information see this article:


We have also recently been featured in the

Veterinary Nurse Times, and the Veterinary Times!

A little about our cards...

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